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Distribution Cloud

Get the most out of Microsoft Dynamics 365
Business Central
Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) 

Distribution cloud and Microsoft-Business-Central-Software-Improvements
Customer Management & Order Management Workflow

Improve your company’s distribution processes with having robust customer management, sales management, and by being able to to have custom built features specifically for your distribution processes  designed to be integrated with Business Central. Texo is an authorized distribution cloud service reseller

Have Your Results Measurable

Have Real-Time Data Accessibility 

Your sales team will always be updated about order statuses which will allow them to feel confident about shipment dates and be able to run processes directly based on real time data.

Focus on Customer By Reducing DSO

Reduce DSO and improve cash flow by automating your own business processes with code free proficiency that also help in adapting market changing conditions.

Create a Unique Customer Experience

When having unique customized business processes and a team who are aware of  business tasks and accountability, you will be able to  differentiate yourself from other businesses by providing your customers a unique experience.

Explore Business Centrals' Full Potential

Increase control over customer and sales management

Grow customer loyalty and Support your customers

Build a better pipeline and Optimize your sales cycle 

Automate controls that maximize profitability and sell with confidence