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MyPOS Connect is the optimal point of sale software designed for small to medium retail businesses looking for an affordable cloud-based solution.

MyPOS Connect

MyPOS Connect is a cloud-enabled comprehensive Retail Management System that combines the power and accessibility of the Cloud with the reliability and speed of an on-premise application. It is offered at an affordable monthly fee, payable annually. The software utilizes the latest Microsoft SQL Server, Net Framework and Cloud Technologies to deliver scalable and innovative solutions for global deployment. It is therefore ideal for small to mid-sized retailers looking to stay competitive in a constantly evolving environment.

MyPOS Connect allows retailers to save on costly servers and IT infrastructure, while enjoying a user-friendly system and third-party eCommerce integrations such as Shopify.

MyPOS Connect
MyPOS is Cloud-enabled

Access your data on or off-line, so you never lose a sale

MyPOS is Affordable & Scalable

Affordable & Scalable
Whether you manage one store or one hundred, MyPOS Connect grows with you

MyPOS is user friendly

Minimize your training time, MyPOS Connect is intuitive and simple to use

Inventory Management

Offer your employees the greatest tools to exceed customers’ expectations

  • Single store or multiple store
  • Efficiently access real time inventory data from anywhere on the MyPOS Connect web Portal
  • Issue Purchase Orders to all your suppliers
  • Simply import new product information from an Excel spreadsheet
  • Manage inter-store transfers
My POS Connect
MyPOS Connect Retail Management

Retail Management Functionalities

Comprehensive set of retail-specific software components:

  • Point of sale
  • Customer Management
  • Customer loyalty programs
  • Accounts Receivables
  • Purchasing/Receiving
  • Reporting/Analysis
  • Database Management
  • User/Security Administration

Optional Modules (additional fees apply)

  • Shopify eCommerce integration
  • Card payment integration available through several of leading payment gateways and processors
  • Email Receipt Module
  • SendInBlue: Email and SMS Marketing
  • GatherUp: Customer Feedback and Online Reviews
MyPOS Connect
We are retail experts.

My POS Connect is customizable to fit your specific retail needs. Let us help your business thrive.

Appliances and Furniture retail experts

Appliances and Furniture

Fashion and Apparel retail experts

Fashion and Apparel

Baby store retail experts

Baby Store

Gift store retail experts

Baby Store

Jewelry retail experts


Museum retail experts


Pet store retail experts

Pet Store

Sporting Goods retail experts

Sporting Goods

supermarket retail experts


My POS Connect is customizable to fit your specific retail needs. Let us help your business thrive.