MyPOS Connect Update

MyPOS Connect Update

What’s New In release


  • Improved scrolling speed in the till
  • Improved refund from receipt to allow multi-select on sold products
  • Added a new option to allow editing of Purchase Order “header” fields after it’s closed.
    • Company Options  –> Purchase Order Options –> Allow edits of fields on closed purchase orders
  • Added new options for Klaviyo Integration
    • Company Options  –> System Settings –> Klaviyo field to store customer province/state
    • Company Options  –> System Settings –> Compare province when loading data from Klaviyo
  • Added scannable barcode (of receipt code) to Gift Receipts
    • Device Options –> Receipt Settings –> Receipt Show Barcode
  • Added Receipt Footer to Gift Receipt
    • MyPOS Connect Back Office –> Data Setup –> Printing Options
  • Improved receiving and issuing by disabling the use of the enter key on the Purchase Order and Transfer screens
  • Fixed issue where customer discounts not applying correctly when new products are added to Work Orders
  • Fixed issue where multi-selector not always showing dynamic columns when using store emulation from HQ
  • Fixed issue in Shopify Sync where full description being sent from the Product Screen even when disabled

IMPORTANT:  An upcoming release of MyPOS will require Microsoft’s .NET Framework version 4.7 (currently, version 4.6 is required).  If you are on Windows 10, you likely already have .NET Framework version 4.7 installed, however, users on Windows 7 and Windows 8 will likely have to upgrade.  Follow this link to get started:

If you would like more information on these features and how they affect you, please call us at (514) 738-8888 and ask for “Support” or email us at

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