Five Reasons to Choose a Cloud-based Point of Sale System

Five Reasons to Choose a Cloud-based Point of Sale System


Need a new point of sale system fast? Are you pressed by a busy period coming up soon? A Cloud POS system can be implemented in a few days at most. Quickly import lists of your inventory products, your customers and your suppliers, and presto, you’re done. A cloud solution is synonymous with efficiency and simplicity.


Say goodbye to the costs of maintaining a heavy and complex infrastructure. Do you have access to a computer (Windows 8 and above) and an Internet connection? Perfect, that’s all you need. A POS Cloud has the benefit of offering a complete solution for a pre-established monthly fee. All updates are included in the monthly payment, and you only pay for the number of devices needed based on your in-store traffic. Invest wisely, the savings are worth it.


With all your data safely stored in the Cloud, you no longer need to worry about losing access to your business information in the event of hardware failure, malware attack or human error (the most common reason!). With a Cloud POS system, real-time data can be accessed at any time from a secure portal. Thanks to the Cloud, your business activities can resume on another computer in minutes.


The Cloud cash register system is user-friendly. Easily customize the cash register interface yourself, create new products, initiate promotions in just a few clicks and share this information between all your tills and stores in no time. The Cloud POS is a retail manager’s paradise.


Your commercial artery organizes a sidewalk sale? Your salesmen are on the road? Your company hosts a kiosk at an exhibit hall? Installed on a Windows tablet, the Cloud point of sale system is portable. Conduct sales offline, the system will synchronize upon your arrival at the store or once connected to the Internet. In the case that the connection goes down in the store, simply keep ringing your sales offline, the Cloud POS will update your sales and inventory upon reconnection.

About the Cloud Point of Sale System MyPOS Connect

Starting at $ 49.95 a month, the MyPOS Connect cloud-based POS system is the ideal solution for small businesses. This affordable POS is designed for local merchants and is supported locally in English and French. A loyalty program is included with any subscription. Optimize your store management and offer a better customer experience with MyPOS Connect.

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About Texo

TEXO is a solutions-oriented provider of retail & financial software. Our services include Cloud POS system implementation, inventory management, ecommerce integration, financial planning and customer loyalty management solutions for small and mid-sized businesses.

In business for over 20 years in Quebec, Texo contributes to the success of several hundred local merchants.

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