Five ways to support our local merchants

Five ways to support our local merchants

With the closure of all retail stores, non-essential services and businesses recently, it is even more important to invest in our local merchants to get them through the current crisis. Here are five recommended actions that, although they may seem small, will make a big difference for retailers in our respective communities. Shop local, whenever possible.

Buy gift cards

As soon as possible, we should consider buying gift cards or gift certificates from the shops or restaurants we usually frequent. Although we won’t be able to benefit from the purchases for a few weeks or even months, the funds can be used by right away to maintain their premises and pay their employees.

Buy online from a local business

Let’s set aside giant online retailers for a while and turn to our local merchants to purchase the items we need for our family. Many Quebec retailers run online stores and offer delivery, others are currently adapting their business model to allow purchases remotely. Let’s invest in our local economy.

Hold on to a canceled show or event ticket

With all the events canceled or postponed to a later date, venues, artists and organizers are in a very precarious situation. If possible, consider not requesting a refund following a cancellation. This small gesture can make a huge difference in the lives of local artisans.

Maintain your membership at the local gym or studio

Although all fitness facilities are closed, their financial obligations remain unchanged. In order not to lose their clientele, many trainers offer online classes. Let’s take advantage of this opportunity to move as a family in the comfort of our own home while keeping our membership active. This way, everyone wins!

Buy from independent grocery stores

Independent delicatessens, bulk stores, bakeries and butcher shops are currently scrambling to maintain their operations while offering a safe working environment to their employees and customers. Let’s keep them in mind when making a decision on how to feed our family. Several small grocery stores now offer takout orders and keep their clients safe by delivering at their car or home.

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