Discover the Best All-in-One Computer for Your Retail Business

Discover the Best All-in-One Computer for Your Retail Business

You have chosen the perfect POS software to grow your business, now it’s time to select your equipment.

HP products have been used by our consultants at Texo to perform all software testing and demonstrations for several years. Therefore, it is with confidence that we recommend the HP Engage One and HP Engage Go devices to all of our customers.

Whether you have chosen to implement Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce, or MyPOS Connect, HP computers will help propel your business forward.

HP Engage One and HP Engage Go

Known for its sleek design, ruggedness, and durability, the HP Engage line is designed to meet the evolving needs of the retail industry.

The Engage One all-in-one computers are compatible with the Windows 10 operating system and offer a range of complementary peripherals such as a receipt printer integrated into the base or standalone, as well as a barcode scanner.

See Dmitry Sokolov, an experienced HP sales representative, discuss the features and benefits of the HP Engage line by viewing the tutorials below.

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